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Teaching leadership skills in and out of the classroom

Kelly TrustyKelly Trusty

Trine University - Ketner School of Business

Ph.D. – Western Michigan University, Public Administration; M.A. – Ball State University, Community Education; B.A. – Purdue University, Education

260-665-4917  |  email

I am fascinated by how and why leaders lead and followers follow, and how technology can facilitate the leadership process. I’ve spent decades leading, managing, marketing, and consulting on social change initatives in nonprofit and public sectors. I am a strategic planner and grant writer by trade, skills that have helped me secure over $60 million in grants for organizations I've served. These experiences have equipped me to help students understand that anyone can lead when empowered with the right skills, in the right context. I co-author the textbook, Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management, which is a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in best practice management research – I look forward to sharing it with you!

When I’m not teaching, I'm facilitating the Ehinger Fellows leadership program, or inviting all students to participate in Professional Paradigms Power Skills programs, I can be found in the woods, leading hikes at Pokagon State Park wearing my Indiana Master Naturalist hat, on a paddleboard, kayak, or XC skis, training my chocolate labs to do cool stuff, or cheering on Trine Tennis. I’m a member of “Team Trusty” here at Trine with Professor Tom Trusty, chair of Design Engineering Technology, and my two boys, who also study engineering.