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Matthews established some 'firsts' here at Trine--but faith is first in his life

Dan MatthewsDan Matthews

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering & Computing

B.S. Trine University, Indiana Wesleyan; M.S. Indiana University

260.665.4247  |  email

I consider myself the PERFECT Christian because I am so IMPERFECT. My strength comes from my faith in my weakness. A quote from C.S. Lewis describes my faith and how it works in my life and all I do at work and at home: "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

I have leaned on that faith to guide me in choosing life's opportunities. I have been a land surveyor, high school teacher, electronics technician and university professor. I have also coached football at the high school and college level. I served in the Peace Corps and I have owned and operated two successful companies.

During my tenure at Trine, I have earned several teaching awards, authored the faculty governance document and was Trine′s first faculty president. I helped start the football team as the first appointed coach.

Recently, I authored the Informatics undergraduate degree proposal and I continue to be active in helping the university move forward and improve. In my spare time, I coach youth sports, run four miles a day, and serve as a lifeguard at the local pools, where I also give swim lessons. I have six children and I play guitar and roller blade.