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Directors' Showcase features student directors

NOV. 16 – Students enrolled in a directing class at Trine University will present their work during a series of 15-minute plays. 

The Directors’ Showcase is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 19-21 in Wells Theater, Taylor Hall. Six plays are scheduled and some of the plays have adult language and situations.

On tap for the free evening performances:

"10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” is a comedy by Don Zolidis that is directed by Casey DeMonia, a senior computer engineering major from Mishawaka. This short play helps viewers understand different approaches to not joining the onslaught of the living dead.

“The News from St. Petersburg” is a comedy by Rich Orloff that is directed by Katie Hultquist, a senior criminal justice major from West Lebanon. In the short play, two members of the Russian land-owning upper class must come to terms with the Russian revolution, but not really.

“Duet for Bear and Dog” is a poetic comedy by Sybil Rosen that is directed by Rachel Morris, a junior informatics major from Beech Grove. In the play, a bear wanders into a suburban neighborhood and is treed by a yappy dog. Animal control relocates the beast.

“The Philadelphia” is an existential comedy by David Ives that is directed by Austin Baker, a sophomore informatics major from Greenfield. Two men meet in a restaurant. For one man, nothing in the world works right. As he comes to understand, he’s in a Philadelphia. For the other man, nothing matters—he’s in an L.A.

“Welcome to the Moon” is a bittersweet play about homecoming to the Bronx and both requited and unrequited love. John Patrick Shanley’s play is directed by Tyler Marx, a senior social studies education major from Waterville, Ohio.

“A Bowl of Soup” is a short drama by Eric Lane that is directed by Caleb Reed, a senior computer engineering major from Jackson, Ohio.  In the play, soup is a comfort food.

Cast members of the various plays include:

  •  Brad Auld, a senior chemical engineering major from Crown Point;
  •  Cameron Brown, a first-year education major from Taylor, Mich.;
  •  Shayna Burrage, a sophomore chemistry and forensic science major from Auburn;
  •  Sloan Davis, a senior communication major from Olivet, Mich.;
  •  Alicia Dolan, a sophomore chemistry and biology major from Elwood;
  •  Josie Foley, a first-year computer engineering major from Columbus;
  •  Katy Guertin, a senior golf management major from Columbus, Ohio;
  •  Riley Hager, a first-year chemical engineering major from Fishers;
  •  Tyler Marx, a senior social studies education major from Waterville, Ohio;
  •  Rachel Morris, a senior informatics major from Beech Grove; 
  •  Haley Reed, a junior electrical engineering major from Pendleton;
  •  Travis Riddle, a first-year computer engineering major from Stroh;
  •  Miranda Scranton, a sophomore psychology major from Hicksville, Ohio;
  •  Matt Shaw; a junior mechanical engineering major from Fishers;
  •  Kayla Spande, a sophomore accounting major from Mapleton, Minn.;
  •  Aaron Titkemeier, a first-year mechanical engineering major from Luckey, Ohio; 
  •  Chris Vojtko, a junior mechanical engineering major from St. Joseph, Mich.;
  • Catherine Webb, a first-year civil engineering major form Okemos, Mich.

Tickets for the Directors’ Showcase are free and are available at the door for everyone. Seating is limited and guests are recommended to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before curtain time.