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Students use fall break to see their families

By Cody J.W. Konieczski
communication ’17

OCT. 19 -- Every fall semester at Trine University, students are given two days off in October for fall break. It is a Monday and a Tuesday that Trine picks to give students a break from classes. Students use the four-day weekend for whatever they want; some stay on campus, some travel and some go home to see family and friends. This year, going home to see family and friends was the trend.

Mack Green, a Buchanan, Mich., senior majoring in civil engineering, used his fall break in an unusual way. Green went home to visit with family, his fiancé and to work on his house he is building for him and his soon-to-be wife. He started building his house the first weekend of September, and since then he has gone home each weekend to work with his dad on the house.  Green wants to get his house shelled up by Christmas to keep the weather out. He hopes to have it finished before his wedding in August.

Stevie Rosales, an Adrian, Mich., sophomore majoring in math education and a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, used her fall break to visit family and help her dad, who is recuperating after knee surgery. As a bonus, she was able to see her sister run in a cross country meet.

Caleb Maddox, a Russiaville freshmen, is undecided for his major and is on Trine’s wrestling team. He used his fall break to visit with family and his girlfriend. He also went to the Indy Scream Park, a haunted attraction for Halloween, in Anderson. Maddox said he really enjoyed it because it scared him pretty well.

Sloan Davis, an Olivet, Mich., is a senior majoring in communication and a member of the sorority Gamma Phi, National Society of Leadership and Success, and is on Trine’s women’s tennis team. Davis used her fall break to see her family and to work the Trine HAC cup. Davis used the first three days of her fall break to spend time with her family while camping in Tekonsha, Mich. She said it was tons of fun and she really enjoyed spending the time with her family. The last day of her fall break was spent working and helping with the Trine HAC cup sponsored by the Communications and Humanities Department.

Christian Hill, a Granger junior majoring in accounting and minoring in finance, used his fall break to work and see family. Hill worked in the mornings and watched football with his family after work.

Visiting with family seemed to be a big part of this year’s fall break, but no matter what, most would likely agree that an extra two days off are just nice to have in general.