Playing for Pets returns this weekend

The Playing for Pets video game event returns to Trine University this weekend to raise money for the Steuben County Humane Society and raise awareness of the diversity of video games as an art form.

Playing for Pets starts at 8 a.m. Friday, April 13, and continues until 8 a.m. Saturday, April 14. The fourth annual 24-hour video game marathon in Wells Theater will be live-streamed on the Internet for all to see.

The event has raised nearly $5,000 for the shelter over the past three years.

 “This is always one of the most exhausting, but also fun events of the year,” said Justin Young, chair of Trine University’s Department of Humanities and Communication and director of the event. “It brings students and staff together in play, with local animals being the real winners.”

About 30 Trine faculty and staff will join in and play with students throughout the marathon. The university’s Rocket League and Overwatch esports teams also are planning to participate.

The event will feature additional rooms on Friday night with Rock Band, Jackbox Party Pack and other social games to play, as well as a room with some board/card games.

Playing for Pets is primarily organized by the HNR 313: Video Games: Art, Culture, and History of a Medium class.