49 earn Trine degrees at Melaka Education Center

Putra Commencement

MELAKA, Malaysia — On Saturday, June 30, Trine University awarded 49 Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration to students at the Melaka Education Center located at Putra International College in Melaka, Malaysia.

Stephen Sim, Ph.D., vice president for international affairs, Trine University, conferred the degrees. Sim also provided the commencement address. Those in attendance were greeted by a prerecorded message of Earl D. Brooks II, Ph.D., Trine University president.

The newly appointed Menteri Besar (Chief Minster) from the State of Perak, Malaysia, Ahmad Faizal Bin Dato Azumu, uncle to one of graduating students, attended Saturday’s convocation with his wife. The Menteri Besar also addressed those attending the convocation, which is customary in Malaysia when a high-ranking political official attends a formal function. Following his address, Ahmad Faizal Bin Dato Azumu was presented a pewter letter holder embossed with the Trine and Putra International College emblems.

This year’s Distinguished Student Award was presented to Vanessa Rosse A/P Gerard Jeevan. She never had less than an A in all her schooling, achieving a 4.0 grade point average at Putra and Trine. During her address, she mentioned this award had fulfilled her dreams and she would never forget the friendships she made while at Putra. Her selection was very popular with her fellow students and she was greeted by a standing ovation. 

Trine instructor Michael Martin was honored to act in the role of master of ceremonies at the commencement, and told the audience, as one of Vanessa Rosse A/P Gerard Jeevan’s instructors, that he very much appreciated her leadership in class and the opinions she often provided.

Also on the platform were Tan Gim Ley, CEO of Putra International College, who also provided remarks and Danny Powell, Ph.D., assistant professor in Trine University’s Ketner School of Business. Including graduates, family members, guests, faculty and staff, about 300 were in attendance for the ceremony.

Video from the event is online at youtube.com/watch?v=cIla2ItSm8Y&list=PLfERsZF6rcfmWrjjdNUA0gqqyX5oTkER9.