Trine’s Overlooked Film Festival continues with ‘Tully’

Trine University’s Overlooked Film Festival will continue Monday, Oct. 22, with “Tully.”

The Overlooked Film Festival gives members of Trine’s local community the opportunity to watch free films that were not released locally or that were generally “overlooked” at the time of their release. All films will be shown at 7 p.m. at the Fabiani Theater in the Rick L. and Vicki L. James University Center.

The film festival is one of Trine’s major community outreaches, bringing everyone together once a week to enjoy a film. The event’s audience is a mix of students, community members, and Trine faculty and staff.

In addition to the free movies, popcorn and drinks may be purchased outside of Fabiani Theatre from the sisters of Phi Sigma sorority. Fabiani has a maximum capacity of 320 guests, so attendees are encouraged to arrive early if they have specific seating preferences.

Rated R, “Tully” is a thoughtful, provocative look at the travails of motherhood and post-partum depression. Actress Charlize Theron brings to life writer Diablo Cody’s starkly honest, personal portrayal of motherhood given the reality and dangers of mental illness. While this film’s writer and director call it “deliberately difficult,” the message of this film raises important, legitimate questions.