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Make a difference as a psychology major

You can’t solve all the problems of the world, but the Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology at Trine University will help give you enough background in the fundamentals of human behavior to gain insight into yourself and others.

This program is eligible for the 3+3 pathway into Trine's Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree.

The degree: Diverse areas of psychology

The Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology program is one of Trine University’s more popular majors, offering a solid education in this behavior science through a wide variety of course offerings. Courses cover:

  • Forensic psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Psychology of addiction
  • Counseling
  • Personality
  • Human sexuality
  • Marriage and family
  • Cross-cultural

The experience: Enhance your degree

Many students are able to seamlessly add a second major in criminal justice, one of the nation's fastest-growing job fields. You also can add a minor in forensic psychology, sport psychology, communication, criminal justice, history or many other areas. We have experienced advisors who will assist you in getting as much value as possible from your experience at Trine.

The result: Skills in analysis and application

The psychology major will provide you with:

  • Competency in psychology, including the requisite skills needed in analyzing human behavior
  • A broad range of research and skills relating to psychology
  • Practical application of fundamental psychological concepts and principles
  • Knowledge of the ethical questions that relate directly to the profession of psychology
  • A broad understanding of all major areas of psychology

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology are prepared to go on to graduate work in the fields of psychology, counseling, social work and other areas.


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Career Possibilities in Psychology

  • Mental and Behavior Health Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment Programs
  • Probation Departments
  • Victim's Advocate
  • Juvenile Treatment Programs
  • Community Service Programs
  • Civic Organization Administration
  • Graduate Programs—Psychology and Law School
Information about tuition can be found at Cost and Investment.

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BS in Psychology

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Lifetime Guarantee


120 hours



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Angola, IN