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Welcome to Trine Dual Enrollment

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Here at Trine we are dedicated to providing high school students with premier college level learning opportunities. We strive to build relationships between Trine University and local public and private high schools as well as individual students, including online and homeschooled students. All dual enrollment courses offered are an opportunity for students to earn college credits that will advance them in a degree of interest while possibly earning highschool credit that may count towards their highschool dipolma.  

As  Dual Enrollment Student:


  1. You are considered a Trine student, with all the benefits that come with it, including access to academic resources, facilities, and events.
  2. Save time and money by taking courses while still in high school and at a deeply discounted rate.
  3. Many credits earned through Trine DE can transfer to any public, and many private, universities in the state of Indiana.

Trine Dual Enrollment Experiences

Courses can be taken in a way the best fits your schedule and location. Click below to look at the different options available. 

Dual Enrollment Experiences