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Environmental Engineering Minor

In the past, the environmental impact of an engineering project or design were considered as an afterthought. Today, environmental concerns strongly influence almost all aspects of engineering practice. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation to pursue a career in environmental engineering and an understanding of the environmental consequences of their designs.

Please contact Dr. Ryan Overton in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering if you are interested in this program.

Course Requirements

CH 104 General Chemistry I
 or CH 104 H Honors General Chemistry l
CH 114 General Chemistry II
 or CH 114H Honors General Chemistry II
ES 323 Fluid Mechanics or equivalent (i.e. CHE 303 Chemical Fluid Dynamics)
CE 3101 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CE 3103 Environmental Engineering 
CE 4103 Pollution Control Technologies

Select three from the following courses:
CE 4113 Environmental Remediation
CE 4123 Water and Wastewater Treatment
CE 4303 Open Channel Hydraulics 
 or CE 4323 Engineering Hydrology
 or CE 4333 Design of Water Distribution Systems and Sewers
CHE 453 Chemical Engineering Kinetics
CHE 4073 Biochemical Engineering
CHE 4083 Plant Management

Total Minor Program:  27 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.