Visit Days

See all of what the Trine University community has for you during one of our Preview Days.

Held once a month, Preview Days provide you with the opportunity to learn important information about admission and financial aid, student life and housing, and campus life. You will also have the chance to hear from our students, talk with professors, and join us for a meal and a campus tour.

All events are free for students and their parents/guests. Scroll to the bottom of the page to check out event schedules. 


VIP Day - Monday, February 17, 2020 - ADMITTED APPLICANTS ONLY

Join us for a special event for seniors and transfer students who have been accepted to Trine University. Meet one-on-one with admission and financial aid, learn more about campus life and student organizations, and get an in-depth view of the university to help you decide whether this is the place for you. You MUST have applied and been admitted to Trine University in order to attend this event.


Teacher By Trine - Friday, February 21, 2020

Interested in a career in education? This hands-on workshop will explore how to become an effective teacher. Attend specialized breakout sessions based on your interests and spend lots of time with the faculty and students of the Franks School of Education at Trine University. Lunch and door prizes will be provided.


Thunder Preview Day - Friday, March 20, 2020

Join us to learn more about being a student at Trine University through sessions on Student Success & Engagement, admission & financial Aid, and academics. You will also have the opportunity to take tour of campus (including residence halls) and to enjoy a buffet lunch in Whitney Commons.


Thunder Preview Day & Engineering Expo - Friday, April 24, 2020

Join us to learn more about being a student at Trine University through sessions on Student Success & Engagement, admission & financial Aid, and academics. You will also have the opportunity to take tour of campus (including residence halls) and to enjoy a buffet lunch in Whitney Commons. At the end of the event, you may choose to stay and check out the Engineering Design Expo to see the projects our engineering students have been working on this year.


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8     CCH Pancake Breakfast* (Optional) – Christian Campus House

9     Check-in Forman Hall

9:30     Welcome & Refreshments
Engineering & Computing
Health Sciences, Arts & Sciences, Education, Business

9:45     Breakout Session 1
Value & Investment
Financial Aid FAQs & Next Steps
Take Campus by Storm
Residence Hall & Athletics Tour

10:35     Breakout Session 2
Value & Investment
Housing How-To
Angola & Beyond: Exploring the Community
Residence Hall & Athletics Tour

11:25     Breakout Session 3
Financial Aid FAQs & Next Steps
Housing How-To
Transition to Trine: Support & Resources
Residence Hall & Athletics Tour

12 - 2     University Fair
Campus Activities, Organizations, Athletics, Financial Aid & Admission

12 - 2     Lunch

1:45     Academic Session Meetup & Giveaway Drawings

2     Academic Breakout Sessions (Optional)
Franks School of Education
Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
Ketner School of Business
Allen School of Engineering & Technology
Rinker Ross School of Health Sciences

3 - 4     Admission Open House (Optional)
Stop by Forman Hall on your way out if you have any final questions, would like to place a deposit, or still need to meet with Financial Aid.
Limited Financial Aid meeting slots available during this time.                            

* Visitors are invited to take part in a Trine student tradition—CCH Pancakes! Christian Campus House offers free pancakes to Trine students every Friday night from 11 PM to 1 AM. All are welcome, regardless of religious affiliation or CCH participation. Join CCH before the VIP Visit Day to get a preview of what so many of our students enjoy.

  • Value & Investment
    • Learn more about the value of a small private institution and how the investment compares to a school with a smaller upfront cost. Hear what we think Trine gives you that others can’t.
  • Financial Aid FAQs & Next Steps
    • Walk through the basics of a financial aid package, understand your costs, and plan for the next steps in the admission process.
  • Housing How-To
    • Learn how to navigate Thunder Housing and take the next steps toward finding your future roommates.
  • Transition to Trine: Support & Resources
    • Hear from the Office of Student Success & Engagement on the resources available to ease your transition from high school to college. Learn more about tutoring, counseling, health and wellness, and more.
  • Take Campus by Storm
    • Learn about all the exciting things to do at Trine U. Hear about all about the activities, organizations, and events that make Trine Nation special.
  • Angola & Beyond: Exploring the Community
    • Get to know the community and surrounding area of your new home away from home. Hear from students about their favorite local hangouts, the best spots for food, shopping, and entertainment, and all the things there are to do off campus.

9:00    Registration begins - University Center

9:15    Welcome - Fabiani Theatre

1:30    Departure

7:30                         Check-in – Forman Hall

8:00                         Optional Earlybird Sessions (Music & Drama or Athletics) – UC

8:45                         Welcome & Refreshments – UC Mall/ Fabiani Theatre

9:00                         Academic Breakout Sessions

10:00                       Success & Engagement – It’s A Trine Thing – Fabiani Theatre

11:00                       Admission, Financial Aid & Scholarships – Fabiani Theatre

11:45                       Closing – Fabiani Theatre

12:00                       Campus Tours

1:00                         Lunch – Whitney Commons

7:30                         Check-in – Forman Hall

8:00                         Optional Earlybird Sessions (Music & Drama or Athletics)  UC

8:45                         Welcome & Refreshments – UC Mall/ Fabiani Theatre

9:00                         Academic Breakout Sessions

10:00                       Success & Engagement – It’s A Trine Thing – Fabiani Theatre

11:00                       Admission, Financial Aid & Scholarships – Fabiani Theatre

11:45                       Closing – Fabiani Theatre

12:00                       Campus Tours

1:00                         Lunch – Whitney Commons

Optional: Engineering Design Expo, 2 - 4 p.m.