After Admission

International friends

Congratulations on your acceptance to Trine University!

You are about to create great memories of exciting challenges and countless opportunities in the United States, and at Trine.  In order to help you get started, please see the following checklist:

Getting Started:

  1. Pay international enrollment fee, or email your sponsorship letter to your admission counselor.
  2. Apply for a student visa and pay necessary visa and SEVIS fees.
  3. Prepare for your visa interview.
  4. Submit Student Immunization Record to the Wellness Center.
  5. Review the Plan Your Arrival page.
  6. See the Orientation page for your specific orientation schedule.
  7. Plan to pay your tuition and fees before or during Orientation & Registration.


  • On-Campus Housing
    If you are an undergraduate academic program student, you may be required to live on campus.  You will receive an email to fill out an online housing form once your international enrollment fee has been received.
  • Off-Campus Housing
    If you are 21 or older and plan to live off campus, research for housing options by the following:

Request for Admission Support:

Deferral Request
Please fill out this form if you wish to defer your admission to Trine University.

Questions? Contact:

Office of International Services – - 1-855-667-6237