Several new countries represented at Trine this fall

Trine University is welcoming international students from several countries that haven’t been represented at Trine before, or haven’t been represented for a while.

Along with the usual countries that send students to Trine, the university has students this fall from Venezuela, Finland, Switzerland, Uganda, Nepal, Slovenia and Ecuador.

Niccolo Mombelli of Switzerland came to Trine because the university allowed him to play sports and work on a degree.

“In our country we couldn't connect study and sport. Here I will have this possibility, which is great,” he said. “At the beginning I had really trouble speaking with other guys but it`s really better. I’m able to learn by doing. The campus is pretty nice and our new ice-hockey rink is really awesome.”

Leonardo Edgar Mata Colavizza of Venezuela also came to Trine to play sports.

“The town where the university is makes it a nice place to focus on work and the environment provided by the people around make it an interesting university,” he said.

Students from countries traditionally represented at Trine are part of this year’s student body as well.

Lai Lie Sze came to Trine’s main campus to study after studying at Putra International College in Malaysa.

“I was impressed with the teaching methods of American lecturers who had taught me in Malaysia,” she said. “I wanted to jump out of my comfort zone to learn more about the life in the United States. I am here now to meet new friends and explore life in a developed country.”

A Fulbright scholarship allowed Luciana Mattar of Argentina to attend Trine.

“Everything has been nothing but good experiences: learning new skills, getting to know new people from different cultures and learning from them,” she said. “I think of Trine as my second home. It is not only helping me grow professionally, but personally.”

Anas Nawwar of Egypt said he came to Trine to discover and be a part of different cultures.

“I have friends from all over the world from all the continents,” he said.

Abdullah Fallata and Abdulrahman Alhossan of Saudi Arabia both felt welcomed to campus.

“In Trine, we are all one big family. In fact, Trine is HOME away from home,” Fallata said.