Celebrating Chemistry Week with a bang

Chemistry WeekAbove, Tony Layson, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, uses a chemical reaction to produce acetylene gas, causing a carved pumpkin to burst into flames. The activity, held Oct. 25, was part of events held throughout the week by Trine University’s American Chemical Society (ACS) chapter to celebrate National Chemistry Week, which is Oct. 21-27. Events included using a chemical reaction to make stress balls, decorating cupcakes with symbols from the periodic table, and using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream.

At right, from left, are Michael Smith, a senior chemistry major from Rensselaer, Indiana; Robert Dick, a senior chemistry major from Lawrence, Michigan, who is vice president of the American Chemical Society (ACS) chapter at Trine; Meghan McGonagle, a sophomore chemical engineering major from Frankfort, Illinois; Layson; and Noelle Matasovsky, a senior forensic science major from St. John, Indiana, president of Trine’s ACS chapter.