11 Trine faculty promoted

February 28, 2024

The Trine University Board of Trustees recently approved the promotion of 11 university faculty members.

"These Trine University faculty have been recognized through a rigorous peer review process as they continue to earn high achievements in teaching, scholarship and service," said Tony Kline, Ph.D., vice president for academic affairs. "On behalf of our faculty, staff and the students whose personal and professional growth they are so dedicated to, we congratulate these individuals on their promotion in rank. Trine University isn't Trine without our brilliant, student-centered faculty."

9 promoted to associate professor

Nine faculty were promoted from assistant professor to associate professor: Thomas Almonroeder, Ph.D., DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy program; Tyann Billman, PA-C, Physician Assistant program; Nicole Edmonds, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program; Anna Glowinski, Ph.D., Science; Brian Lapp, DMS, Physician Assistant program; Angelia Niederhelman, MS, Mathematics; Jodi Sandvik, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program; Alison Todd, M.Ed., Education; and Sarah Zimmer, MFA, Humanities and Communication.

Almonroeder was described as a lifelong learner who is very well-liked by his students. A role model and mentor for physical therapy students, he teaches Health Behavior Science and the Evidence-Based Practice series, topics that are typically difficult for students. He also was cited for being a talented teacher in the classroom, excelling in scholarly activity and being well-respected by peers both in and outside of Trine University.

With 21 years of experience in delivering healthcare as a physician assistant to diverse patient populations, Billman creates an engaging, interactive, problem-based learning experience for students. This allows students to apply the knowledge gained in other classes to patient cases.

Edmonds was lauded for getting her physical therapy students involved in the community, including visits to Turnstone, Fort Wayne Curling Club and local nursing homes. One of only 14 pediatric specialists in the state, she has provided her students with meaningful, real-life opportunities, including teaching exercise programs at Gigi’s Playhouse, a center for children with Down syndrome.

Glowinski was cited for regularly receiving positive feedback from her students. She serves as director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Trine University. She is also the faculty advisor for the Tri Beta Biology Honors Society and Co-Director of the Northeastern Indiana Tri-State Regional Science Fair.

Lapp, a member of the Master of Physician Assistant Studies faculty since 2020, has developed a new course for Clinical Anatomy. He has developed and taught the PA Professional Practice course and the courses in Clinical Skills II, III and IV. He also has taught portions of the Clinical Care Medicine course series and the CARE (Clinical Application and Reflection Experience) course series.

A comment in support of her promotion noted that Niederhelman is dedicated to her students and their success. She has more than 16 years of experience of teaching mathematics, specializing in the teaching of statistics and fundamentals of mathematics, with competency in diverse classroom technologies.

Sandvik has brought a wealth of knowledge in post-surgical and sport rehabilitation to her role in teaching Trine Doctor of Physical Therapy students. Comments in support of her promotion noted that she places high value on collaboration with the Fort Wayne physical therapy community.

Todd seeks to foster a caring, collaborative culture focused on meeting the individual needs of all students. She serves on Trine University’s Curriculum and Academics Committee and the Honors Program Advisory Board. She also serves as faculty co-chair for the Teacher By Trine Education Summit and faculty advisor for the Franks School of Education Climate and Culture Committee.

In addition to serving on the Academic and Curriculum Committee and advising, Zimmer is the faculty advisor for HAC Media, which runs social media for the Department of Humanities and Communication and updates the website content relating to that department. She helped design the new communication curriculum, creating partnerships across campus that mutually benefit students and staff.

Promoted to full professor

Two faculty were promoted from associate professor to full professor: Angela Bojrab, D.P.M., Science; and John Patton, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering.

A comment in support of her promotion noted Bojrab is “enthusiastic in the classroom and dedicated to her students. Her anatomy and physiology classes are known for being challenging and they adequately prepare students for future careers. She has established excellent faculty-student relationships, and her students feel comfortable coming to her with questions.”

Patton’s expertise in tissue engineering provides depth within Trine University’s biomedical engineering program, with his past research experiences playing a key role in students’ professional development. A comment noted, “He is able to translate complex concepts into understandable terms, all while challenging students. His lectures are informative and engaging.”

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