Marcela Felix

October 23, 2019

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Marcela Felix was looking for direction.

The single mom was taking classes in nursing and interior design at Ivy Tech Community College in Columbus when a psychology class piqued her interest in that field.

“I have always had a passion to help others, but I was not quite sure what direction I wanted to take,” she said. “My advisors and family helped me clear out my mind and decide what I wanted.”

One of the Ivy Tech staff members working with Marcela was in the process of completing her psychology degree at Trine, so Marcela asked her more about the university and the program.

“I decided to make an appointment to ask for more information,” she said. “Nick Hogan and Leslie Martinez are very friendly, and they worked with me to apply and get accepted. I applied late, but they helped me anyway.”

As she worked on her Trine degree, Marcela took classes taught by faculty member Ashley Williamson, who also serves as a therapist at Centerstone mental health services. She eventually completed an internship at Centerstone and will begin working there as a family support specialist once she graduates in May.

“Prof. Williamson helped me do my internship at Centerstone, and thanks to that I get to do what I love: help kids and families with life skills,” Marcella said. “I am very thankful and grateful for the amazing teachers and Trine staff that work so hard to help students to achieve their goals.”

Though she describes balancing classes, work and being a mom as “four years of sleepiness, crazy and stressful days,” Marcela is planning to continue her education and complete a Master of Social Work degree.

“I like to challenge myself, because even though I work full-time and I am a full-time single mother, I know I can accomplish anything I want,” she said. “Everything is possible. There are no limits except the ones you put in your own path.”

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