Madison Sanderson

Communication '20

Madison Sanderson

By Meghan Schrader
English ’22

Madison Sanderson began her journey into the adult world a week after graduation as she moved from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. She began working for the Indiana Republican State Committee in the Fundraising and Finance Department, where she had interned the previous summer.

“My first day of work is one I will remember for a long time,” Madison reminisced. “I moved down on a Sunday and started working virtually on that Monday. However, my Internet was not hooked up yet, so I had to sit on my apartment’s hallway floor with my computer and a notebook and bum Internet off my neighbor. It all worked out, though, and my neighbor and I became good friends!”

Madison SandersonFrom her start date until November, she was primarily focused on Gov. Eric Holcomb's campaign, and how that looked in a COVID-19 world. Since then, she has worked to support the state party platform, as well as working with local governments and their leaders.

Madison’s day-to-day activities include planning, coordinating and staffing special events and fundraisers, maintaining Salesforce data, performing donor relations, analyzing contributions and Stripe payments, and utilizing Canva and other creative software.

“Something I love about my job is that, really, no two days are the same,” she said.  

Madison really enjoys spending time with friends and family outside of work. She has two roommates, whom she spends most of her weeknights with either watching TV shows, getting fast food, or having a wine and game night.

"I have really taken to the career aspect of my life and am looking forward to what is to come in the next few years."- Madison Sanderson

She is also recently engaged to her “best friend” Damon Prifogle, a Trine mechanical engineering alumnus. They spend most of their time together playing with their one-year-old lab, Koda. Together, they travel a lot of weekends to visit their two families, or to meet up with friends from college.

Madison plans on being located in Indianapolis for the foreseeable future, continuing to learn and grow with the organization she’s at and working alongside state and local governments. In the future, Madison could see herself potentially working with nonprofits, or even starting her own business.

“I have really taken to the career aspect of my life and am looking forward to what is to come in the next few years,” she remarked.