Griffin Ulsh

July 06, 2020

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Griffin Ulsh is hoping to gain new experiences and exposure during his summer internship as a marketing intern at Killark, a division of Hubbell.

While his official title is "marketing intern," he is getting exposure to a large variety of business functions and meeting people from the company he never expected to.

"I've gotten to see what our operations are like, how our sales department operates, and what goes into engineering new projects," says Griffin. "I already have projects in the works for making a promotional marketing video, analyzing yearly and regional financial data to assess trends, and assisting with the launch of a new product."

Griffin notes there are many things that he could say regarding how Trine has prepared him for his internship role, but thought that the most important things he has learned are the principles of hard work, collaboration, and time management.

"You learn principles and discipline so that once you're in a real work environment, you are accustomed to a business setting and know how to present both yourself and your work in a professional manner."
- Griffin Ulsh

Being a part of several organizations and on-campus activities has helped Griffin develop and improve his skills when it comes to hard work, collaboration, and time management.

"The principles I have learned from my involvement in these activities have directly impacted my performance and, so far, it's definitely showing through my work," said Griffin.

Griffin is excited for the exposure that he will gain during his internship, and is ready to take what he has learned in the classroom and through his experiences, and put them into practice.

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