The winners for 2018 are as follows:


First place “Memory” by Morgan Smith

Second place“All that Glitters” by Vifa McBride

Third place“The Power of Storytelling” by Emma Lucas

Honorable mention was given to “Applying Psychoanalysis to ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’ ” by Mycah Houser

Creative Nonfiction

First place “Pieces” by Vifa McBride.

Second place “Great Grandpa” by Jordan Blank

Third place“Taboo” by Mycah Houser.

Honorable mention was given to “Cheering or Cheerful” by Taylor Davis


First place“Runaway” by Mycah Houser.

Second place — “Mike’s Garage” by MaKenna Knuth

Third place“Silent Eruption” by Peyton Watson


First place — “Fanfare” by Jazmine Dalman

Second place — “The Different Shores” by Nick Manolovits

Third place — “A Word” by Jordan Blank.

Honorable mention was given to “What Are Miles?” by Nick Manolovits.