The winners for 2019 are as follows:


First Place - "The Huntress and the Hunted" by Jenna Niemeyer

Second Place - "Katy Perry's Firework--A Rhetorical Criticism of the Song/Music Video" by Clare Danner

Third Place - "Ethical Issues in Overcrowded Prisons and Jails" by Briann Hildenbrand

Honorable Mention - "The Need for Needling" by Caleigh Burkley

Honorable Mention - "The Importance of Paid Maternity Leave" by Haley Bond


Creative Nonfiction

First Place - "Bangs" by Jenna Niemeyer

Second Place - "Chopping Onions" by Anthony Passino

Third Place - "Forever and Always" by Emily Nettesheim

Honorable Mention - "Amy" by Abbey Wang



First Place - “Your Sinister Poetry” by Ashton Benson

Second Place - “Lemonade” by Upasana Shrestha

Third Place - “Walking in the Streets of Nepal” by Upasana Shrestha

Honorable Mention - “Empty Suitcase and Broken Dreams” by Chloe Lounds



First Place - "The Locket" by Kira Lulko

Second Place - "Jarvis’ Delirium" by Alex Kromkowski

Third Place - "Groundsky" by Zachary Hoehn