2022 Winners

Congratulations to the following authors on penning 2022's winning submissions:

Academic Writing:

Honorable Mention/Student Choice Award: Kyle Dixon "Sensationalism and Crime in 19th Century America"


1st Place/Student Choice Award: Jason Branch "Perfect Victim"
2nd Place: Reese Greene "Move"
3rd Place: Meghan Schrader "Earthen Woman"
Honorable Mention: Blake Williams "The Summer of Love"

Creative Nonfiction:

1st Place: Upasana Shrestha "Aliens in America"
2nd Place/Student Choice Award: Meghan Schrader "Ode to the College Kid: Is This What They Meant by ‘Youth’?"
3rd Place: Eden Diller "Time Dependence"


1st Place: Muriel Mackie "lovely as the day is long"
2nd Place: Travis Mersing "The Village of Abernathy"
3rd Place: Parker Tillmon "your love gave me flowers"
Honorable Mention: Blake Williams "Factory #234"
Student Choice Award: Presley Wollan "on death and dying"

Please contact Dr. Janelle Pulczinski at pulczinskij@trine.edu for information on the competition.