2023 Winners

Congratulations to the following authors on penning 2023's winning submissions:

Academic Writing:

1st Place: Restorative Justice for Abused Juvenile Offenders” by Rex Chapman-Shadik 

2nd Place: “Three Figures: An Analysis of Neuromancer, the Body, and Cyberspace” by Blake Williams 

3rd: Place: “Speculative Biology in Popular Culture and Educating a New Generation” by Ava McCall 

Student Choice Award:How Does the Past Affect the Present?” by Matthew Billings 


1st Place: growing up” by Upasana Shrestha 

2nd Place: In the End” by Mara Foutz 

3rd Place: Violence” by Blake Williams 

Honorable Mention/Student Choice Award: Mirror” by Andrea Davenport 

Creative Nonfiction: 

1st Place: “The War on Dorothy Wilson” by Isabel Newcom 

2nd Place/Student Choice Award: Lasagna” by Alex Fosnaugh 

3rd Place: T-15 Crashes: A Disastrous History of Aviation Safety” by Blake Williams 

Honorable Mention: Fighting Secession from Little Steuben” by Lauren Banks 


1st Place: The Prophet of Lindsay Middle” by Muriel Mackie 

2nd Place: Wolf Birds” by Darren Lloyd 

3rd Place/Student Choice Award:The Great Traveler” by Travis Mersing 

Please contact Dr. Janelle Pulczinski at pulczinskij@trine.edu for information on the competition.