Chemistry is essential for Moravec

Vicki Moravecvicki moravec

Trine University - Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago
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As I studied science in high school, I fell in love with chemistry. I love the mathematical background and the way all of the pieces fit together to make a complete picture of the world we live in.

As I attended graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I realized I loved the academic community and never wanted to leave, hence my decision to become a college professor. It is my goal to impart my love of chemistry to the students I teach in hopes that they will leave my class with an appreciation for chemistry and science in general. I also love working with science students to help them navigate their college years and decide upon their unique career path. 

Outside of the classroom my family consists of my husband, Craig and four children, Katie, Rebecca, Adam, and Libby.  My children play on multiple soccer teams so I can be found on a soccer pitch year round.  I also love crafting, cooking, and just hanging out with my family.