Biochemistry students

BS in Biochemistry

Trine Merit PageThe Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree program will take students on an exploration of the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. It is designed to provide a broad and deep foundation in biological and chemical concepts with plenty of research based projects. By using chemical knowledge and techniques, biochemists can understand and solve biological problems.

Strengthen your science

The biochemistry degree is designed to be a thorough and intensive investigation of the world of science that will ensure you will be well-prepared to take that next step after college. You’ll take a wide variety of math, chemistry, and biology courses and learn a plethora of laboratory techniques.  As you head toward graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to complete independent undergraduate research, which is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills in the field.

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Career ready or advanced degree

Students will be well qualified when they graduate to work in the fields of pure chemistry, pure biology, or biochemistry. They could be researching DNA, cellular level processes, how genetic traits are passed down through generations,or looking at new drugs or chemicals in manufacturing or in the military and how they interact with systems in the body.

Alternatively, students interested in biochemistry are often interested in pursuing advanced degrees in the health sciences. The major is an ideal avenue for students:

  • planning careers in research, teaching, or in a life/health science profession (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry).
  • interested in medical, dental, or veterinary school.
  • want to work in a pharmaceutical firm.
  • going to pursue a Ph.D.


Additional Information

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