Forensic Science Courses

The Bachelor of Science with a major in forensic science major is presented in two concentrations: biology or chemistry - 120 total credit hours. Both concentrations give you a comprehensive background in forensic science as well as a thorough understanding of the sub-discipline of your choice. The average course load is 16-17 hours based on eight semesters.

General Education Requirements – 44 credit hours

ENG 103 English Composition I
ENG 113 English Composition II
  OR ENG 133 Technical Communication
SP 203 Effective Speaking
  OR COM 163 Interpersonal Communication
ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
PSY 113/113H Principles of Psychology
Humanities Elective - 3 credit hours
Social Sciences Elective - 3 credit hours
MA 134 Calculus I
MA 253 Statistics
BIO 114 Principles of Biology and Lab
CH 104 General Chemistry I and Lab
CH 114 General Chemistry II and Lab
CH 204 Organic Chemistry I and Lab

Forensic Science Core - 36 credit hours

UE 101 University Experience
CH 214 Organic Chemistry II and Lab
CH 234 Quantitative Chemical Analysis and Lab
CH 324 Chemical Instrumental Analysis and Lab
CH 434 Biochemistry I and Lab
FS 203 Principles of Forensic Science I
FS 223 Principles of Forensic Science II
FS 351 Criminalistics and Crime Scene Lab
FS 373 Forensic Comparative Science
FS 422 Expert Testimony in Forensic Science
LE 273 Criminal Procedures and Evidence
SCI 434 Science Internship

Choose one of the following 2 concentrations in addition to the Forensic Science Core.

Students interested in the Pre-Medical track will need to take the appropriate additional course work which would include BIO 124 (for those student in the chemistry concentration), SOC 113 and PHL 313. This would result in earning more than the 120 hours prescribed for the forensic science degree.

Biology Concentration - 40 credit hours

PH 154 College Physics I and Lab
PH 164 College Physics II and Lab
BIO 154 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab
BIO 202 Introduction to Biological Literature and Communication
BIO 302 Professional Practice in Science
BIO 324 Microbiology and Lab
BIO 343 Cell Biology
BIO 374 Forensic Biology and Lab
BIO 414 Genetics and Lab
BIO 443 Pathology
BIO 454 Molecular Biology and Lab
Unrestrictive Electives - 2 credit hours

Chemistry Concentration - 40 credit hours

MA 164 Calculus II
MA 213 Calculus III
PH 224/224H University Physics I and Lab
PH 234/234H University Physics II and Lab
CH 202 Introduction to Chemical Literature and Communication
CH 302 Professional Practice in Science
CH 344 Inorganic Chemistry and Lab
CH 351 Physical Chemistry I Lab
CH 353 Physical Chemistry I
CH 364 Toxicology
CH 444 Biochemistry II and Lab
CH 474 Advanced Forensic Chemistry and Lab
Unrestrictive Elective - 1 credit hour

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.