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When looking to pursue a career in medicine, there is no particular major that medical schools prefer. It is recommended that students pick a major that challenges and interests them so they can stand out in the classroom. While medical schools want students who have developed a strong foundation in the sciences, they also want students to seek out courses that will help develop skills in independent thinking and decision making. Physicians must be able to communicate effectively and have the skills to express their thoughts and ideas.

When selecting Trine's Pre-Medical Professional Track, you will receive a cutting-edge education,  which allows you to acquire the intellectual skills necessary to pursue a career in medicine. In addition, by following the pre-medical track you will earn a degree that provides opportunities for graduate work or employment if you choose not to pursue a career in medicine.

The Experience

As a small, private university, Trine is focused on teaching and the success of its undergraduates.  Students meet regularly with their adviser and periodically with the Pre-Medical Professional Advisory Board to ensure they are on track to complete the necessary requirements for medical school. Trine's Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences will provide you with a rigorous yet pertinent and meaningful education. Students develop a thorough understanding and comprehension of the principles of science to prepare them for medical school. You may opt to do undergraduate research by taking a special topics or capstone course.

The Results

Trine's graduates have gone on to complete degrees in osteopathic/allopathic medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing, chiropractic medicine, and physical and occupational therapy, among other graduate programs. The schools they have attended include Indiana University, Purdue University, University of Toledo, Wright State University, Western Michigan University, Nova University and Michigan State University.

Additional Information


The Pre-Medical Professional Advisory Board encourages students in this track to demonstrate an interest in medical practice by volunteering in the summer at local hospitals or shadowing willing physicians. It is further recommended that they seek summer hospital or physician related internships at least a year in advance of graduation. These activities help to verify to us that our students have the interest and aptitude to continue in the Pre-Medical Track, and to medical schools that they are serious about their career choice. Often a successful internship can generate a strong recommendation from a physician.

Additionally, Trine Career Services can facilitate a job shadow experience or externship, identify contacts for informational interviews, and assist in finding internship opportunities once a student has identified an area of interest. For additional information on cooperative education or internships, please contact the Trine Career Services Office by calling 260.665.4124 , e-mail or visit the Trine Career Services website.

A Trine Pre-Medical Professional Track student may continue his/her education at medical school or may attend graduate school. Students who follow this path may wish to pursue careers as:

  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Medical research scientist
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Physician's assistant
  • Veterinarian
  • Physical therapist
  • Optometrist 
Information about tuition can be found at Cost and Investment.

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Pre-Medical Professional Track


51-53 hours



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Angola, IN