Organizational Leadership



With Trine University's online certificate in Organizational Leadership, students will prepare for leadership roles in corporate and non-profit sectors. Organizations in a variety of industries seek leaders who can diagnose problems, motivate and inspire employees, and implement change. Throughout this certificate, students will utilize evidence-based leadership competencies including: critical thinking, interpersonal relations, decision-making and problem-solving. This certificate program will prepare students to advance in the workforce or to pursue a degree. Required coursework for the Organizational Leadership Certification can be applied towards the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program.


  1. Identify leadership skills that can motivate and inspire organizations' members.
  2. Recommend strategies that will positively impact team, culture, and communication efforts within organizations.
  3. Develop strategies for designing a culture that fosters a creative and inclusive team environment.  
  4. Analyze the leadership skills needed to effectively lead change.
  5. Apply emotional intelligence practices to organizational leadership.

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Organizational Leadership Certificate


16 Credit Hours



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