TrineOnline Common Questions

Choosing to pursue a degree as a busy adult is a big decision. TrineOnline staff and faculty understand the demands of your life and are available to help every step of the way. Below are answers to a few of our most common questions. If you don't see an answer you're looking for, or just want to talk through your options, feel free to use our chat option, email us or give us a call at 877-701-3343. 

About TrineOnline

TrineOnline offers a wide range of degrees programs in an online setting with  flexible scheduling options, quality, convenience and individualized guidance.

Is TrineOnline accredited?

Yes, it is accredited. All Trine University programs uphold the same quality regardless of delivery method. Your diploma and transcript will read Trine University. Trine University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Learn more about all of TrineOnline's accreditations

What degrees does TrineOnline offer?

TrineOnline offers associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Visit our full list of online degree programs

Will I need to come to campus if I take online classes?

No. While you are always welcome on campus, you are not required to come to Angola, Indiana. You can take your online class anywhere you can access the internet. 

Will I get to participate in Commencement when I complete my online degree?

Yes! Commencement takes place once a year (typically May) on the main campus in Angola, Indiana, for all Trine University students.

What is considered a full-time student?

You are a full-time student if you take six credits (two courses) per eight-week term.

What is considered a part-time student?

You are a part-time student if you take three credits (one course) per eight-week term.

Can I go to school part time?

Yes. You set your pace during the semester cycles. If your schedule allows for you to take two classes simultaneously (full time), go for it! If your time is more restricted, there is nothing wrong with completing your degree one class at a time.

How do TrineOnline's semester cycles work?

If you're seeking an undergraduate degree, your semester cycles are the following:
Fall semester - two terms, eight weeks each
Spring semester - two terms, eight weeks each
Spring semester - two terms, six weeks each

If you're seeking a graduate degree, your semester cycles are the following:
Fall semester - two terms, eight weeks each
Spring semester - two terms, eight weeks each
Spring semester - one term, eight weeks

Can I still work full time and manage a full-time class schedule?

Absolutely. Our degrees are designed for busy adults like you who are juggling a lot of responsibilities like family and work. The flexible online format makes it convenient and practical to get your degree.

TrineOnline Admissions Process

TrineOnline makes the application, admittance and enrollment process as simple for you as possible. Your Admissions Director and Academic Director help you with every step of the admissions process.

What does the TrineOnline admissions process look like?

  1. Fill out an application
  2.  An Admissions Director will contact you to help you finish the application process, including working with you to get your official transcripts at no cost to you.
  3. Receive your letter of acceptance
  4. Register for classes with the help of your Academic Director

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to apply to any TrineOnline program.

Do I have to pay for my transcripts?

No. Your Admissions Director will request your transcripts with your approval. There is no cost to you.

What are the requirements for acceptance into a TrineOnline program?

There are different requirements depending on whether you are applying to an undergraduate or graduate program. 

Can I qualify for acceptance with a GED or home-schooling diploma?

Absolutely. Learn more about our undergraduate and graduate admissions requirements.

Do I need to take the GRE or GMAT to be accepted into a graduate program?

If you graduated from a regionally accredited college or university, TrineOnline waives the GRE/GMAT. If you graduated from a nationally accredited college or university, you will need to take the entrance exam. If you aren't sure, just ask through our chat option, email or call us at 877-701-3343. 

When can I enroll?

Once you are admitted, you can enroll. Undergraduates will take an online learning orientation course, which is offered every four weeks. See our admissions calendar for application and registration deadlines.

If I miss the August start date, do I have to wait until January to start?

No. TrineOnline is all about flexibility. We have many start dates each year, so any time is a great time to start your classes! See our admissions calendar for application and registration deadlines.

Transferring Credits

Transferring credits is a great way to save money and time. Your Admissions Director is available to answer any questions you have about credit transfers and to walk you through every step of the process. If you would like to have an unofficial evaluation of your credits to find out roughly how many of your previous credits will transfer, email us or call us at 877-701-3343. 

Will TrineOnline accept transfer credits?

Yes, we  will accept up to 90 transfer credits where a grade of "C" or higher was earned. The transfer credits must fit into the degree program you select. Learn more about our undergraduate and graduate transfer credit requirements. 

Does TrineOnline have transfer relationships with other colleges?

Yes, we have transfer relationships, a signed document agreeing to accept certain credits for specific coursework, with numerous colleges. TrineOnline will accept credits even without transfer relationships as long as the coursework fulfills our transfer requirements. Your Director of Admission can answer all your questions about transferring your credits.

Are credits from Proprietary Schools accepted?

Yes. TrineOnline will accept credits where a grade of "C" or higher was earned. The transfer credits must fit into the degree program you select.

Does TrineOnline accept military credits? 

Yes, for undergraduate degree programs (if it fits into the program)

Are credits for career training, specialty or technical training accepted?

Yes. TrineOnline will consider transfer credits you have earned in the military, police academy, fire and EMT training, cosmetology school, as well as documented career training.

Do previously earned credits expire? 

No. All credits will be considered regardless of when they were earned.

Cost and Financing

Determining how to fit your education into your budget is a major part of your decision to earn your degree. Your Admissions Director and Academic Director will advise you on the most cost effective ways you can earn a degree from Trine University. Whether looking into financial aid and scholarships, determining how many of your past credits will transfer, or making sure you only take the necessary courses, our staff is ready to guide you along your path to your degree.

How much is TrineOnline tuition?

Visit our Cost and Investment page to find our current tuition.

Does TrineOnline charge out-of-state tuition?

No, our tuition is a flat rate for all students.

Are there any special lab fees?

No, we do not have any special lab fees.

Is there a fee for books?

The cost of books is in addition to tuition. Financial aid can be used for the purchase of your books and many of our classes use open educational resources (OER) that are free.

Does TrineOnline offer scholarships?

TrineOnline does not offer scholarships; however, our Financial Aid Office or your Academic Director may be able to assist you with finding external scholarships.

How do I pay my bill?

Visit our Bill Payment page to learn more.

What if I have questions about financial aid or my company's tuition assistance program?

Visit our Financial Aid FAQs page.

Student Experience

As a TrineOnline student, you have access to all the excellent resources that Trine University has to offer. 

Where can I purchase textbooks for my course?

You can purchase your textbooks online through the university bookstore or from other online services and ship them to your home.

How will I find time to study?

TrineOnline is asynchronous, meaning your classes will not occur at a predetermined place or time, allowing you to manage your learning schedule while meeting course deadlines. You have a diversity of needs and obligations, and our team will support you with the tools and resources you need to be a successful student, beginning with the free one-credit-hour online learning orientation course. With a desire to succeed, you will find success.

It's been awhile since I've been in school. Will it be too hard for me?

While our quality degrees do require dedicated studying and hard work, TrineOnline provides ample support through our accessible professors, academic directors and student services such as You never have to worry about feeling alone and can always reach out for help when you feel like you are struggling with any subject. 

Are resources and facilities on the main campus available to all students? 

Yes. All Trine students are welcome to attend events and use resources on the main campus with a student ID. Please note that some events and facilities require a fee (i.e. Zollner Golf Course).

Can I use Career Services to help me find a job?

Absolutely! Lifelong access to the Career Center is available to all Trine University students. 

How do I change my major?

Your Academic Director can assist you with changing your major.

How do I change my address?

Your Academic Director can help you change your address, or you can change it in myPortal.

How do I add or drop a course from my schedule?

You can add  and drop courses with 100% reversal of charges through the first week of classes. Please see the academic calendar for specific dates. Your Academic Director can help you with adding or dropping classes.

What does it mean if my account is on hold?

View the details of your account hold in myPortal. Please contact the respective department listed on your hold (i.e. Student Accounts, Student Services, Library, etc.) if you have questions. An account hold can prevent you from ordering transcripts, registering for classes or receiving your diploma.

How do I order a Trine University transcript?

We use an online service called Parchment for transcript requests. The cost for this service is $5. For more information, please visit the Registrar's transcript request page on our main website.

How do I order a duplicate diploma?

Print and complete the Duplicate Diploma Request Form. Please note there is a four-to-five-week processing time and a $25 charge per diploma. You can make a payment with cash, check, money order or online credit card. Please make check or money orders payable to Trine University. 

Mail or fax the diploma request to:

Trine University
Office of the Registrar
1 University Avenue
Angola, IN 46703-1764 
FAX 260.665.4221 

Contact TrineOnline: