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When organizations offer professional development opportunities

15% more engaged

34% higher retention

Leadership development. Succession planning. Employee retention. Talent recruitment. Regardless of your organization's goals, Trine University strives to help you reach them. A private, not-for-profit institution with more than 135 years of academic excellence, we cater our programs to your company and your needs.  We offer online degrees, health professions degrees, certificate programs and more as well as multiple avenues of cost savings for both you, the employer, and your employees.

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Anthony Filogamo, Cardinal IG sales manager, explains the benefits of a corporate partnership with Trine.


Cost savings for you and your employees

Receive a reduced per credit hour rate for TrineOnline undergraduate programs for employees and their spouse. Graduates will also receive the benefits of Legacy Award eligibility for children, grandchildren and siblings with enrollment at Trine University's main campus.


New classes start every 8 weeks, courses are online with no set class times. Custom invoicing, delayed billing and  payment options are also available.

Professional Development

Online or onsite professional development workshops and networking events including coursework to fit the educational needs of your company.


24/7/365 access to academic tutors, individualized academic counseling, regular communication and recurring company visits by Trine representatives.

Talent Pool

Free job and internship postings, company promotional and recruitment video, job email blasts to Trine students, alumni and on-campus recruiting.

Community Involvement

Trine will promote your company on our website, social media, and Trine Magazine as well as additional promotional opportunities.

Transfer Friendly

Trine accepts up to 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree program. Individual transfer credits can include prior college credit, military service, company training, and even life experience, so you can graduate sooner. We offer FREE unofficial course credit evaluations.

Jason Watson

Jason Watson, MBA
Executive Director of Online Admission and Partnerships

Trine University | TrineOnline
One University Avenue
Angola, IN 46703


Phone: (260) 665-4279

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According to more than 22,000 surveyed participants in tuition assistance programs



A partnership with Trine University provides enhanced educational opportunities for your employees and so much more.

  • Trine’s 20+ professionally focused online degree programs give students the skills they need to advance in their careers.
  • Six online graduate programs and two in-person options for health professions.
  • Trine University is an accredited, nonprofit university with more than 135 years of history.
  • Trine corporate partners receive a reduced per credit hour rate for TrineOnline undergraduate programs for both their employees and their spouses. (Discount does not apply to RN to BSN degree program or graduate degree program.)
  • Trine accepts up to 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree program. Individual transfer credits can include prior college credit, company training and/or certificates, and even life experience. This means fewer classes to complete a degree, resulting in less expenses for both the student and the employer. We offer FREE unofficial course credit evaluations.
  • More than 45 courses using Open Educational Resources (OER), meaning zero costs for textbooks and materials.
  • Individuals can earn graduate credits while working on their bachelor’s degrees. These combined degree programs allow individuals to complete both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in as few as four years. This means fewer classes, making completing a degree even more affordable for the student and employer.
  • Trine proudly assists companies and students in discovering grant and scholarship opportunities - eliminating some reimbursement expenses altogether for our partners.
  • Legacy Award eligibility for children, grandchildren and siblings of TrineOnline corporate partnership graduates who choose to enroll at Trine University's main campus. The Legacy Award is valued up to $2,000 anually. Must meet eligibility requirements for Legacy Award.
  • Enroll any time! New classes start every 8 weeks.
  • Trine welcomes all shifts, at all hours, in any time zone – classes are online and there are no set class times. Individuals can do coursework when it’s convenient for them.
  • All individuals who meet Trine University’s admissions requirements and deadlines are accepted.
  • Custom invoicing and payment options available.
  • Trine offers a number of professional development courses. These can be online or on-site, depending on the organization’s preference. As a partner, companies can receive complimentary online professional development webinars and networking events.
  • Need a program specific for your team? Trine can design it! We offer unique coursework, degree programs, and/or certificates to fit the educational needs of your company or organization.
  • 24/7 access to academic tutors and our library as well as access to financial aid and IT services.
  • Employees receive individualized counseling from their academic advisor throughout their college careers. This ensures their coursework meets the degree program requirements so they can graduate on time.
  • Regular communications and company visits, when available, by Trine University representatives to provide up-to-date information on Trine degree programs and professional development opportunities.
  • FREE job and internship postings that attract Trine University students and graduates – both nationally and internationally.
  • FREE company promotional and recruitment video on the partners web page and for TrineOnline students.
  • FREE job email blasts to Trine students and alumni.
  • Convenient, full-service, on-campus recruiting, including introductions to faculty, coaches and relevant student organizations.
  • Trine helps to promote partners on our web page, through social media, and in our Trine magazine publication.
  • Trine has additional volunteer and promotional opportunities available for our partners through our Athletic Department, Student Organizations, T. Furth Performing Arts Center, and our Signature Events.


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A corporate partnership with Trine University has so much to offer you.  

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