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Are you ready to lead in the criminal justice system?

Apply ButtonThe Master of Science with a Criminal Justice Major provides an advanced education for individuals serving their communities in law enforcement, corrections, fire safety, social work, and other related fields in both the public and private sectors. This newly updated degree now focuses on two of the most relevant areas of criminal justice, crisis intervention and child welfare and the family.

The Experience

As a student in the fully online graduate Criminal Justice program, you will study criminology, psychopathology, child welfare and the family dynamic and how law enforcement responds to crisis situations and more. Trine tailors the curriculum to the most current issues in criminal justice today and has built the program so you can complete it in as little as one year. 

The Results

As a graduate with a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, you can pursue key leadership roles within the justice system or private sector.

Additional Information

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice requires 30 credit hours.

Program Requirements

CRJ 503 Seminar in Law and Social Control
CRJ 513 Criminology
CRJ 543 Criminal Justice Research and Writing
CRJ 553 Applied Statistics for Criminal Justice
CRJ 653 Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement
CRJ 663 Child Welfare and the Family
FPY 613 Psychopathology
FPY 643 Victimology
CRJ 593 Criminal Justice Capstone Preparation
CRJ 683 Criminal Justice Capstone Demontration

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

TrineOnline is an entirely online format which allows you to complete your degree in the comfort of your home and, for international students, home country. With new classes starting every eight weeks, you can complete your degree in as little as a year, or at a slower pace if you want.
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