Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked in all Trine University parking lots must display a valid parking permit, which may be obtained via the Vehicle Registration websiteOpens in new window. Payments for vehicle registration have been added to the student accounts. Students who will not have a car parked on campus must waive their vehicle privileges by September 10 to have the fee removed from their bill.

Student Parking

All Trine University students that drive a vehicle on campus are required to purchase a permit. Trine University students are permitted to park in lots that are labeled according to the permit assigned. Freshmen assigned to honors housing may park in the silver only. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are allowed to park in the parking lots as determined by their housing assignment/commuter status. Upper campus lots are for faculty staff and commuters only.

Student permits must be displayed in the rear window on the lower passenger's side corner on the outside of the vehicle. Citations may be issued for improper permit placement. Check signs at the lot entrances to see if you are permitted to park in the lot.

Student Parking Map

Please refer to the campus map for your respective parking areas. If you have any questions, please contact Campus Safety, at 260.316.1877.

Temporary Permits

If a student brings a vehicle, other than their current registered vehicle, a temporary permit must be obtained from Campus Safety. There is no fee. A second decal can be purchased for $5 if a second vehicle will be used frequently.

Handicap Parking Spaces

Handicap parking spaces are marked with blue stripes and should be used only by persons displaying state registered handicap permits or license plates. Handicap permits should be prominently displayed. Violators are subject to towing and/or fines. Parking in handicap spaces to run into your building is not allowed.

Visitor's Parking

All visitors will be required to obtain a visitor permit 24 hours prior to arriving on campus and display it on their dashboard while on campus. These permits are valid for 48 hours. Visitors are able to park in Hershey Lot and the Zollner Stadium Lot.


All campus parking violations are subject to a parking citation. Citations must be paid before a student will receive a transcript or diploma upon leaving or graduating from the University, via parking permits and citations. Citations may be appealed via parking permits and citations within 7 days.

All citations not paid within 45 days will be added to the student's account.