Villas (Campus Village)


The Campus Village includes the Ingledue and Trine villas, which are located at the corner of Thunder Drive and Oakwood Street.

These fully furnished, townhouse-style villas feature private bedrooms with Internet access in each room, semi-private baths, and full kitchen areas. Each apartment is climate-controlled and has a washer and dryer.

In total the Campus Village houses 112 upper-class students who are eligible to live in a three-, four-, or five-bedroom villa. Villas are open to Juniors and Seniors, each group member must have at least 60 credits and have lived on campus for at least 4 semesters.

Layout examples

(Diagram represents an average layout. Rooms may vary slightly. Not all furniture is represented.)

Three Bedrooms

Three Bedroom, first floor   Three Bedroom, 2nd floor


Four Bedrooms

Four Bedrooms, 1st floor   Four Bedrooms, 2nd floor


Five Bedrooms

Five Bedrooms, 1st floor   Five Bedrooms, 2nd floor