Retention Services

Department of Student Retention

At some point, students may experience issues that affect their ability to be successful. This office is dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and equipping all students. We work directly with students to provide personalized support. We also refer to other campus offices, departments, and services to ensure that students receive appropriate information and resources. Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to speak with the Director of Student Retention about a variety of topics. Reasons that students and parents/guardians may contact this office include:


  • I know that I’m struggling in classes, but I’m not sure how to get help
  • I want to reach out to my professors, but I’m not sure how to contact them or what to say
  • I need to know who my advisor is and how to contact them
  • I have questions about my student’s academics and the support available for them


  • I need help with buying textbooks or other course materials
  • I need to borrow a laptop or calculator for the semester
  • I am not able to afford food or basic necessities
  • I need help with finding affordable off-campus housing or other related resources
  • I need help with communicating with the Business Office or the Financial Aid Office

Personal and Family

  • I’m experiencing a personal or family emergency and it is impacting my ability to attend class and complete coursework
  • There was a death in my family and I will need to be gone for an extended period (more than 2-3 days)


  • I’m experiencing a physical or mental health emergency and it is impacting my ability to attend class and complete coursework
  • I am working on resolving a health issue or I have a planned health procedure and I will need to be gone for an extended period (more than 2-3 days)
  • I want to learn more about or request a medical withdrawal
  • I need help with developing healthy habits (sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.)
  • I have questions about MedProctor, immunization requirements, or the Campus Health Center
  • I need help locating and accessing health-related resources (finding an affordable provider, managing prescriptions, applying for insurance, making appointments, etc.)


  • I need support with adjusting to college
  • I need someone to advocate for me
  • I need to talk with someone who will listen without judgement and offer solutions that are accessible for me
  • I have a question about submitting or receiving a We Care Alert
  • I have questions about resources on campus and in the community

Both students and parents/guardians are welcome to contact Jessica Taylor, Director of Student Retention, with any questions.

Additional Services and Information

We Care Early Alert System

We Care is available to all students, faculty, and staff via MyPortal. This system allows the campus community to submit alerts on behalf of students for concerns including repeated missed attendances, academic deficiencies, physical/mental health issues, and family/personal/roommate issues. All alerts related to academics will be sent to a student’s academic advisor, athletics coach, and Academic Coach (if applicable). Students are also notified via their Trine email when they receive an academic-related alert. Depending on the type of alert, students may receive communication from their academic advisor, the Director of Student Retention, or another related support staff member. We Care enables us to catch issues early and provide students with the tools they need to be successful. Ultimately, students are responsible for responding to communication from support staff and utilizing their tools appropriately.

Those with access to We Care also have the option to submit alerts confidentially. When alerts are submitted confidentially, they can only be viewed by system administrators. Copies of confidential alerts are not sent to the student, faculty, or non-administrator staff. We encourage the campus community to utilize this feature if their concern is especially sensitive and they want to ensure the student’s privacy. Confidential alerts should be submitted for concerns involving substance use, severe mental health issues, sensitive personal issues, etc. If the submitter of the alert is unsure about whether to make it confidential or not, it is always best to err on the side of caution and submit it confidentially.

Please note that the We Care Early Alert System is not monitored 24/7. Contact 911 and/or Trine University Campus Safety at 260.316.2877 for all emergencies or urgent situations.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law that provides students with certain protections and privacy regarding their education records. New students will be prompted to sign the FERPA agreement the first time they login to MyPortal. If students indicate “No” on the form, we are not able to talk to parents/guardians about their education records. If students indicate “Yes” on the form, they will then be asked to provide information for 1 or 2 people that we are allowed to speak with. A person MUST be listed on the student’s agreement in order for us to provide details or specific information about a student’s record. Students can give/revoke consent at any time and can also change/add/remove people we are allowed to speak with. If students would like to change any information on their FERPA agreement after they initially submit it, they can contact Jessica Taylor. Regardless of if a student has signed the FERPA agreement or not, parents/guardians are still welcome to call and inquire about general support available for their student.

Learn more about FERPA: