International Health Insurance

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Trine University requires all F-1 international students to carry health insurance. Trine University offers health insurance coverage through our partner, United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR). Cost for this coverage varies depending on the semester. Students are eligible to submit a waiver for Trine University’s health insurance if they have their own coverage.


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Quick Links to International Student Coverage Info:

- Certificate of International Student Coverage
- International Student Coverage Summary Brochure


  • Trine University only requires this insurance coverage for F-1 students.
  • If you recently changed your visa status from F-1, please notify your DSO so this information can be updated in our system or you will continue to be charged for international health insurance.
  • Students have 30 days from the date of their insurance registration to add dependents. This option is done by directly contacting United Health Care. After 30 days, this option will no longer be eligible and you will have to wait until the following registration period to add your dependents.
  • Cost for adding dependents varies based on the number of dependents you need to add. Payment for dependents is made directly to United Health Care. Please contact UHCSR to add dependents during the eligibility window: 1-800-767-0700
  • Students are able to submit an insurance waiver to opt out of the required coverage offered through Trine University from United Health Care. This waiver must be submitted the Wednesday before classes begin. If not submitted by this date, you will be charged for the upcoming semester.
  • Waivers can be submitted through the International Proof of Health Insurance link in MyPortal.
  • Please contact up to one week before the start of classes if you were previously waived from Trine’s insurance coverage but would now like to be added to this plan. We will adjust your billing for this and send your information to United Health Care for the upcoming semester.
  • Fall 2023: 08/21/2023 – 01/07/2024
  • Spring: 01/08/2024 – 08/20/2024
  • Summer: 05/13/2024 – 08/20/2024
  • Fall 2023 Semester: $515
  • Spring/Summer Semester: $820
    • All students enrolled in the spring semester will be charged for the spring & summer semesters, even those graduating in the spring.
  • Summer Semester: $365
    • This will only be charged to students beginning classes at Trine university in the summer semester.
  • You will receive your insurance registration information 2-3 weeks after the start of classes once we have completed all add/drops and SEVIS registration. You will receive an email from UHCSR once the registration is complete.
  • If you need to seek medical care between the dates your coverage begins and the date you receive your insurance information, please still seek treatment submit this UHCSR once you receive your insurance information for reimbursement/billing.
  • Questions about billing:
  • To verify your insurance coverage:
  • Navigating your insurance portal: UHCSR Customer Service 1-800-767-0700
  • Questions about coverage & plan: UHCSR Customer Service 1-800-767-0700
  • Questions about deductibles: UHCSR Customer Service 1-800-767-0700
  • Questions about adding dependents: UHCSR Customer Service 1-800-767-0700