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Choose from five unique criminal justice specializations

Apply ButtonThe Bachelor of Science with a Criminal Justice Major program teaches criminal law, psychology and the academic base needed to pursue a career in criminal justice or law school. You will learn a strategic mix of practical knowledge taught by current professionals in the field (judges, lawyers, coroners, law enforcement officers, and administrators) and theory.

The Experience

As a student earning this online B.S. in Criminal Justice, you will benefit from the strong psychology component of this program. Trine University is one of the only undergraduate programs in the U.S. to specialize in forensic and correctional psychology. You can choose from five criminal justice concentrations: law enforcement, forensic/correctional psychology, agency administration, addictions or academy training/professional training, all of which allow you to start your career path right after graduation and move up the ranks quickly.

The Results

Graduates who earn Trine University’s B.S. in Criminal Justice receive an academic base to go on to a career in criminal justice or even to law school. Police, Fire, and EMT academy training, as well as military experience may apply as prior learning credit to the degree program. This online degree also prepares you for more advanced educational opportunities such as a Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Additional Information

A Bachelor of Science with a Criminal Justice Major degree requires 120 credit hours.

General Education - 42 credit hours

MA 113 College Algebra
 or MA 153 Finite Mathematics
ENG 103 English Compositions I
ENG 113 English Composition II
SP 203 Effective Speaking
 or COM 163 Interpersonal Communication
SOC 103 Principles of Sociology
 or PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
GOV 113 Introduction to Government
EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness
INF 103 Information Technology
HIS 103 American History I
 or HIS 203 World Civilization I
HIS 113 American HIstory II
 or HIS 213 World Civilization II
BIO 104 General Biology and Lab
Humanities Elective - 6 credit hours
Math elective - 4 credit hours
 or Science elective - 4 credit hours

Content Requirements - 63 credit hours

UE 111 Adult Learning Orientation
GOV 333 State and Local Government
GOV 403 American Constitutional Development
LE 103 Introduction to Criminal Justice
LE 153 Juvenile Justice
LE 253 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
LE 263 Introduction to Criminal Law and Justice
LE 273 Criminal Procedures and Evidence
LE 343 Criminalistics and Crime Scene Investigations I
LE 433 Criminal Justice Capstone Demonstration
 or LE 473 Law Enforcement Internship
PSY 383 Forensic Psychology
Electives - 32 credit hours, Electives are determined in conjunction with an advisor and based on student career objectives.

Concentration - 15 credit hours

Select one of the following concentrations.

Option A – Law Enforcement
LE 313 Police Administration
LE 353 Criminalistics and Crime Scene Investigations II
LE 423 Criminal Justice Agency Administration
PSY 443 Advance Forensic Psychology
SOC 323 The Family

Option B – Forensic/Correctional Psychology
LE 363 Institutional Corrections and Correctional Law
PSY 323 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 413 The Psychology of Addiction
PSY 423 Counseling Theories and Practices
PSY 443 Advanced Forensic Psychology

Option C – Agency Administration
LE 313 Police Administration
LE 363 Institutional Corrections and Corrections Law
LE 423 Criminal Justice Agency Administration
MGT 313 HR Management
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior

Option D - Addictions*
PSY 363 Counseling
PSY 413 The Psychology of Addiction
PSY 433 Issues of Substance Abuse in Family Systems
PSY 483 Counseling Issues in Substance Abuse
PSY 493 Issues and Ethics in Psychology and Counseling
* Additional coursework required to meet licensing requirements

Option E – Academy Training/Professional Training
Can be filled by documented Academy, Fire, Police, EMT or Military Training and/or Prior Learning.

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog (Opens in a new window).

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