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International Application - Graduate Degrees

Complete your Graduate Degree 

Apply for Graduate/Master's Degree  (completing degree in U.S.)

*Review degree page for locations of specific programs


International students who are seeking a graduate degree must provide the following:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Financial guarantee (U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires all international students to demonstrate ability to pay fees.)
  • Copy of passport
  • Statement of purpose (explaining your desire to pursue a graduate degree).
  • Resume/CV
  • GRE/GMAT (is recommended)
  • Test Score of:

Please send all required documents in English to  Your records should include courses taken, grades received and degrees or certificates earned. Please also provide an explanation of your school’s grading system used to evaluate your work.

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Fee Guidelines


F-1 students completing degree in U.S.

When accepted as a Trine student, you will be requested to submit a one-time non-refundable international student enrollment fee of $500 (USD) prior to the release of an I-20 AB form, payable to: Trine University. 

The enrollment fee will cover expenses such as the processing of documents, orientation and specialized programming. Please note that Trine University has no control over the approval of an F-1 visa, which sometimes can result in the student’s visa request being denied. 

  • Pay onlineOpens in new window. Examples are:
    • International Bank transfer is US Dollars
    • Bank transfer in international currency
    • Debit/Credit Card (Master Card and Visa)

Questions? Contact your International Admission Counselor

Surname/Family name starting with A-I:
Sarah Algaradi

(260) 665-4940 | email

Surname/Family name starting with J-Z:
Srijana Sharma
(260) 665-4869 | email