Making appointments

How to Register

If this is your first visit or you haven't already done so, register for an account on The process takes about three minutes.



Types of Appointments 

  • Face-to-face tutoring: Meet with a tutor in the Writing Center.
  • Online tutoring: meet virtually with a tutor using Zoom.
  • E-tutoring: submit your document with our online calendar system for review and feedback within 24 hours of the session.

Walk-ins are welcome!

How to Make an Appointment

  1. After registering, sign into the site to access the Center's calendar. 
  2. Choose any open white box to to schedule the appointment. 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. [Be sure to check the correct appointment box - the calendar automatically opts for Face-to-Face appointments.]
    • If you need your e-tutor feedback at a specific time, please make a note of the deadline in your appointment request.
  4. Click "Create Appointment".
  5. That's it! On the day of your appointment, come to the center (face-to-face sessions), log in to the Zoom link your tutor has sent you (online sessions), or check your email for feedback (e-tutoring sessions).