I Rode a Dragon Today

By:  Jorodan Blank

Poetry, 2017


I rode a dragon today, with scales of fiery blue
Gusting wings turned each page, each chapter begun anew
I dreamt I was a Thunderbird, storms marking my flight
Howling winds and shrieking cries and lightning rending night
Today, I was a wizard, by the badger house thus claimed
Through goodness and kindness and niceties we were given our name
I sailed on a grand old ship of wood and pitch, across turbulent sea
To the ancient world and back, the ghosts of ruins calling me
I stepped through the wardrobe and beyond, into the wintry land
Queen, they named me, and for their sakes, I took a sword in hand
I traveled the many worlds, through this one and far beyond
Running forth and speeding back before the sun could dawn
Without stepping from my room, I’ve met so many friends
Together we have gone afar, until our journey’s end