Christmas is Near

By:  Sydney Ilko

Poetry, 2017


How does one know when Christmas is near?
The outside is cold,
And the streets are slipperily smooth and frozen.
Blankets of snow lie among households,
And mound upon the grass.
As if holding on for its life, the snow grasps to the trees.
The wind rages with anger throughout the night sky,
Thrusting open doors allowing snow to draft within each dwelling.
Lights dangle upon every building’s guttering.
Wreaths hang upon the doors welcoming people,
And giving hope and a jolly good mood to all who witness its beauty.
With presents beneath them,
Beautifully decorated pine trees appear inside every single family room.
Aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and other family members
Gather together to sing carols and mingle.
Stunningly lit houses and decorated trees, family celebrating with one another,
And the beautiful, yet cold, harsh, weather, are all signs that Christmas is near!