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Franks School of Education

Teachers by Trine

At Franks School of Education, we prepare you to be a teacher who touches lives by impacting the academic and social growth of your students.

We are dedicated to:

  • creating a safe learning environment through small class sizes to encourage you to take academic risks;
  • providing extensive experiences in diverse schools beginning in your freshman year;
  • incorporating engaging, hands-on learning experiences that deepen your content knowledge;
  • teaching you the latest evidence-based strategies so all your students can learn and grow;
  • providing Google Classroom training that can lead to certification before you graduate.

Our dedicated faculty are award-winning educators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and student-centered.  Through our 9:1 student-to-professor ratio in education courses, teaching majors grow in their educational knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become effective educators.

Our goal is to perpetuate the teaching profession by shaping future generations of teachers. Given our high job placement rates of six straight years of 100% job placement, we feel confident we are accomplishing this goal.

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Elementary Education (K-6) | Major
  • English/Language Arts Education (5-12)* | Major
  • Secondary Education – Mathematics (5-12)* | Major
  • Secondary Education – Science (5-12)* | Major
  • Secondary Education – Social studies (5-12)* | Major
  • All-grade Education – Health /Physical Education (P-12) | Major
  • Dual Licensure in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education/Mild Intervention P-12 | Major
* Special Education (Mild Intervention) Dual Licensure (P-12) can be added to any Secondary Education degree