Transfer to TrineOnline

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Transferring credits to TrineOnline programs is easy. You can apply credit hours from prior college courses, experiential learning*, college level examinations, or military coursework and your credits never expire. But how exactly does it work if you’re transferring from a community college? Here are some guidelines for how it works. But be sure to contact us to help guide you through the process.

Allexis Brevitz, TrineOnline Student video  Allexis Brevitz, TrineOnline student, talks about how easy it is to transfer credits to Trine University.


  • You can transfer up to 45 credits for an Associate of Science (AS) and 90 credits for a Bachelor of Science (BS).
  • Your credits will transfer for classes with a grade of C or higher. Letter grades do not transfer.
  • You can receive dual academic advising from both Trine and your community college.
  • Our programs are all transfer friendly including credit options for life experience and additional training.
  • Choose from more than 20 associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are 100% online.
  • You can choose a combined degree programs where you can earn up to 15 credit hours toward your master’s degree while pursuing your bachelor’s degree.
  • We will assist you with ordering transcripts.
  • We offer you a hands-on approach to your education. Our admission staff and academic advisors help you every step of the way.