Japan Study Abroad Program Application

Hakuoh University

June 5-13, 2023

The 10-day study abroad program is hosted by Hakuoh University. Hakuoh University is a private institution located in the city of Oyama in the Tochigi Prefecture, which lies 75 kilometers north of Tokyo and may be considered the entrance to the Tohoku (northeastern) provinces of Japan.


  • $710 program fee + your flight ticket (estimated at $1,500-$2000). Program fee includes transportation from/to Narita airport, programs, accommodations, and site visits.
  • Accommodations include 8 nights in a hotel and breakfast.
  • Programming includes:
    • Japanese Language and Culture Classes: Basic Japanese conversation, history, Japanese cuisine, temples and shrines
    • Interaction activities: Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Japanese Conversation Partners, various cultural workshops

For more details and questions, please contact Mari McHenry.


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