barr-randiRandi Barr


 Randi Barr embraces change as a fundamental aspect of her personal educational philosophy. In her role as an educator, she sees herself as a perpetual learner, with some of the most impactful learning experiences derived from her students. Demonstrating a receptive mindset, Randi remains open to suggestions and maintains flexibility, continuously striving to inspire and refine her teaching approach. Her educational philosophy is dynamic, marked by constant evolution and improvement.

During her leisure time, Randi indulges in a variety of activities, including gardening, golfing, playing the piano, cross-stitching, and reading. Despite taking golf and piano lessons for years, she modestly acknowledges that her name may not grace the LPGA roster, nor will she likely perform at Carnegie Hall. Nevertheless, the enjoyment she derives from these pursuits remains paramount. Additionally, Randi has a penchant for exercise, particularly energetic walks down the long, winding roads near her residence when the weather is mild.

Originally from New York, Randi now calls Ohio home. Her familial ties include three remarkable sons, three lovely daughters-in-law, seven spirited grandchildren, two affectionate grand-dogs, and a reserved grand-cat.