Jacqueline Delagrange (J.D.)

delagrange-jackieJacqueline Delagrange

J.D.- Juris Doctor
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Jacqueline Delagrange is driven by a profound passion for criminal justice and a commitment to assisting others, particularly in the realm of teaching and training students to thrive in the criminal justice community. Commencing her teaching journey in 2011, Jacqueline's dedication to this field has only grown stronger over time.

Her professional background encompasses valuable experience in child protection, followed by a fulfilling role in corrections where she managed a correctional facility and actively engaged in inmate rehabilitation. Prior to transitioning to full-time teaching, Jacqueline made a significant impact working in community mental health. This experience, in particular, proved to be enlightening as she often shares with her students the profound lessons, she learned from clients struggling with severe mental illnesses.